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At Entrenched Landscapes and Design, we believe your garden is an Extension of your home itself.


We provide a complete landscaping service

Ongoing Care

To ensure your new garden continues to delight, Entrenched Landscape & Design can prepare a tailored maintenance program for you. Horticulture is not for hacks: The art of garden cultivation is a skill and the team at Entrenched are both qualified and experienced but – equally as important – have a reputation for being friendly, helpful and great communicators.

Ask the Entrenched team to prepare a maintenance program to outline the hours and services required to care for and to develop your outdoor space. Your job then, is to simply enjoy it.

"All the team were pleasant, great to have around the site and always happy to answer any questions. The attention to detail was outstanding. The stonemason who worked on the sandstone pavers did so to perfection. They are a beautiful feature of the garden.”

Maxine, Warrah
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