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Hedges: the green fence

We all enjoy a bit of privacy at home, but why do all that work in your garden and not show it off? After all, street appeal is a major factor buyers are considering when house hunting. Enter the hedge. The best of both worlds, a lush green fence can …
Posted in Current Projects, Gardening Tips
March 29, 2015

Benefits of potted plants

There are many benefits to a potted plants. Firstly, you can choose the location of your plants and have the flexibility of moving them if necessary. Secondly, garden thugs such as mint can be contained when planted in a pot rather than let loose among your less aggressive herbs. Lastly, if you are …
Posted in Current Projects, Gardening Tips
February 28, 2015

Swimming pools: thinking of taking the plunge?

Winter is a great time to do your research with regard to installing a pool in your back garden. There are many factors to consider when considering the viability of a swimming pool. The enjoyment that your children and their friends will get from your pool, however, is not one …
Posted in Current Projects
January 11, 2015

Retaining walls: textured terraces

Retaining walls are both functional and decorative, which is why they are used regularly in landscaping. Such structures can tie together a sloping site, provide seating in a garden, and be effective to add a garden edge or feature wall. The team at Entrenched can assist you in designing your garden and will advise on …
Posted in Current Projects
June 23, 2013

Water features: tranquil elements in your garden

Imagine relaxing by your own water feature, experiencing a tranquility that transcends today’s stressful world. Cooling, refreshing and relaxing, water features are gaining popularity with homeowners who like to escape to their own piece of paradise after a long day. Entrenched can work with you to design your own type …
Posted in Current Projects
June 19, 2013

Irrigation: is it necessary in your garden?

We are leading busier lives than ever, and if you are one of these people who have ‘Water My Garden’ on your to-do list, you can rest assured, there is an easier and less hands-on solution: Irrigation. Put simply, irrigation is the process of having your garden and/or lawn watered without you …
Posted in Gardening Tips
June 3, 2013

Garden lighting: the key to enjoying your garden at night

With people working long hours and the decrease of daylight hours in the winter months, the effort and expense that goes into a residential garden is often not enjoyed to its full potential. The ability to light up a garden with cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions is an ideal way …
Posted in Current Projects, Latest News
May 20, 2013

Cool-weather gardening

A well-known fact is that spending time outdoors in the winter can lift your mood. Don’t neglect your garden in the cooler months; there are many ways to enjoy your ‘great outdoors’ – especially when the days are sunny. A good idea is to do the jobs that will warm you up and help …
Posted in Current Projects
May 15, 2013

Greenhills’ beach development

The team at Entrenched is proud to have won the first job at Greenhills Beach Development. As landscape designers of choice, we have many unique ideas to ensure home owners at Greenhills capitalise on their naturally beautiful location. The Greenhills Beach home boasts the ultimate in coastal living and Entrenched will …
Posted in Latest News, Specials
May 7, 2013

Autumn garden maintenance

The time is coming to harvest the last of your tomatoes and basil and clear your zucchini and pumpkin plants from the garden bed. With the rain coming, powdery mildew can be a problem on your zucchini and pumpkins. Pick off any ripened fruit and pull the entire plant from …
Posted in Current Projects, Gardening Tips
April 17, 2013
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